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Umbilical hernia

That Intra-Abdominal tissues and intestines go out from a weak area of the abdominal wall are called hernias.When this herniation is from the region where the belly button is, this is called the umbilical hernia. The main problem in the umbilical hernias is that the intestines or intra-abdominal tissues get into the hernia and are stuck there. This is called an overwhelmed hernia. This condition, which leads to bowel obstruction, is life-threatening and requires urgent surgery. In addition, pain in the hernia area makes the patient's life, his job difficult and derogate the quality of life. Occasionally, the appearance of an undesirable appearance as cosmetic is one of problems of hernia.

What is the treatment of umbilical hernia?

Any condition that increases intra-abdominal pressure increases the risk of umbilical hernia. In cases such as coughing, heavy lifting, obesity, straining, pregnancy, intraabdominal pressure increases. In this case, hernias are seen from the weakest areas, usually in the areas of the groin and the navel.


The situation so-called “the navel drift ”among the public is the umbilical hernia. The location of the umbilical hole is a congenitally weak point. In pregnancy, the umbilical cord is connected to the baby through the belly button. After birth, the umbilical cord is cut off and this rift closes in time. Failure to close this area completely causes umbilical hernias seen in children. The most common cause of umbilical hernias seen in adults is to pregnancy, lift heavy things and strain. Belly hernias are more common in women.Mostly, it becomes clear in pregnancy.While normally umbilicus must be inward, it swells outward


Surgery of the umbilical hernia is the operation. There is no medical treatment. The only treatment option is surgical intervention. The weak area should be repaired or erected. Today, special patches are used. There are many different kinds of these patches. Which patch to use depends on the patient, the location and shape of the hernia. Umbilical hernia operations can be performed in two ways. One is an old and classic method made with skin incision,The other one is laparoscopic (closed) surgery, new and recommended method. It is decided which techniques will be used according to the patient's request, the previous surgery, the size of hernia